How to Install a New Door Chime

Over time, my front door doorbell became cracked, and eventually completely fell apart.  Eventually we noticed the doorbell wasn’t chiming anymore.

Troubleshooting the Doorbell

The first thing I did was put in a new door bell button on the front door.  After doing this I noticed the chime unit inside was making a buzzing noise rather than chiming.

I next checked the transformer, but it appeared to be working properly.  For some reason the solenoids were no longer actuating.  I believe that moisture got into the connections and somehow caused the door bell unit inside to short or malfunction in some way.

Installing a New Door Chime

New Doorbell Install 01

So I now had to go buy a new doorbell unit.  I bought the basic two tone chime unit that almost everyone is familiar with.  I removed the the old one, marking the wires for hooking up the new chime.

The old chime had a hole in the plate for wires on the bottom left.  The new plate had the access hole on the upper right.  I drilled a new hole, but found there was a stud blocking any wires from being moved to the new hole.

New Doorbell Install 02

I instead improvised, and just wrapped the wires around the plate, and then screwed them into the terminals.  The cover was large enough to accommodate this so problem solved.  The new chime worked perfectly the first time.  I love when a plan comes to together!


Replacing My Crusty Old White Faucet

Nasty Old Faucet

This is what my old faucet looked like.  Makes you want a cool glass of water right?

Besides the grime on the spout, the sprayer had ceased to work, and the base was all cracked and stained with perma-mildew.  It was time for something new.

My first stop was Menards, then Home Depot.  In both cases the selection for white faucets was  minimal.  1 to 2 options tops.  The problem was they all looked and felt cheap.  The online reviews confirmed it for me.

Pay For Quality

Having owned my home for 6+ years now, I’ve learned that it’s worth the extra money to get a good product that will last.  You truly get what you pay for with home improvement.

I found many more white designs on  I found the Kohler K-15160 to be a good choice on price and excellent customer reviews.

Step 1 – Remove Old Faucet

Grime under the face plate

This was simple.  Turn off the water line knobs and disconnect with a crescent wrench.  Then I unscrewed the plastic nuts from underneath the base plate.

From there I could pull the faucet and line through the center hole in the sink.  That left me with a grimy surface, which cleaned right up with some soapy water and magic eraser.

Step 2 – Drop in New Faucet

Kohler K-15160 White Faucet

I put a bead of plumbers putty on the base plate, and pressed it into place on the sink.  Then I just dropped the faucet lines through and then the faucet base into the plate.

The faucet is then secured to the sink and base plate with a big plastic nut and a tension plate.

Step 3 – Reconnect Water Lines

Cold and hot water lines

The final step was to reconnect the water lines, flush water through, and then connect the sprayer hose.  The finished product looked great, and was accomplished in under 1-1/2 hours.

New Kohler K-15160 White Faucet Installed